About project

This project purpose is to provide polish TERYT public system as a service that may be easily used in various applications.

TERYT system is polish central government managed registry of Territorial Units. TERYT is composes of following registers: TERC (voivodships, poviats and communes), SIMC (cities), NOBC (streets, buildings, flats) and BREC.

This service offers access to following Territorial Units types:

  • voivodship biggest unit containing poviats
  • poviat poviat always belongs to some voivodship and consists of communes
  • commune commune always belongs to some poviat and consists of cities
  • city city always belongs to some commune. City consists of streets and buildings. City may always be divided into parts.
  • city part some cities consists of parts. This type represents such part of city.

Currently data from NOBC and BREC registers are not available.

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