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Above diagram shows concept for this solution.

Legend for colors used:

  • yellow item is available as JAR
  • orange item is available as WAR
  • violet item is an assembly

Below find short description of particular modules.


Server is the module that you usually will need, very much. This application is distributed as standard Java WAR and requires any Java Servlet Container to run. Server is responsible for:

  • starting the Core
  • publishing connectors to be used by clients
  • providing web application for managing server and data, especially uploading new TERYT data published by GUS.

Client API

TERYT Service Client API specifies how TERYT Server is accessed.

Service Clients

There are following clients available:

  1. REST Client client communicating with server via REST API
  2. Special Test Client this client does not require server and has sample database that is built into it. This is a perfect solution for any testing purposes as it does not require any special environment and is fully compatible with Client API and in basic case it only requires JAR addition (eg. as Maven dependency).

Service Configurator

This item is not shown on diagram, as it is just a set of tool classes. This tools facilitates building Clients in a declarative way. Consult module's site to learn more.

Hibernate Types

This item is not shown on diagram, as it is specialized package, that provides Hibernate User Types used to persist objects provided by TERYT Service. Consult module's site to learn more.